Magnet Technology

Magnets are normally viewed as substances which have the property to attract metals like iron, nickel etc. Their major role in a layman’s life may have been in a science laboratory in school or college. However, very few people know about magnet technology. Magnets have emerged as important components in various industrial fields like conveyor belts, cell phones, electric motors and generators, credit/debit, ATM cards, speakers and microphones, televisions, LCDs and so on. Magnetic technology has found diverse applications by providing assistance at construction sites for material handling, assistance in drilling etc. Many construction companies use magnets for cleaning up their construction sites. New kind of magnetic sweepers have emerged as an efficient tool in this field.

Magnets and magnet technology are playing vital role in various fields. To begin with transportation their use has been found in the form of Magnetic levitation transport or maglev which is a form of transportation that suspends, guides and propels vehicles like trains though electromagnetic force. These trains are found largely in countries like China where the magnetic technology is very well developed. Magnets are also used in various types of electromagnetic toys.

Magnetic technology has also led to the development of magnets as fail safe devices for some cable connections like in laptops many a times magnetic power cords are used to prevent accidental damage to the port when tripped over example the MagSafe power connection to the Apple MacBook. Coming to the industrial use of magnetic technology these are widely used in conveyor belts. These conveyor belts are specifically used in plastic recycling to move plastic parts by conveyor to a grinder.

The entertainment industry also makes use of magnets as there are VHS recording tapes which have magnetic tape used to encode the video and audio. TV and computer screens contain a cathode ray tube which employs an electromagnet to guide electrons to the screen. Magnets are also used in speakers and microphones as most speakers employ a permanent magnet and a current carrying coil to convert electrical energy into magnetic energy.

Some high tech uses of magnetic technology has also been found in new type of residential windows by a Japanese company that self-darkens itself to provide privacy to the home owner.
Not only these are used in big industries and large machines, magnets are found in almost every item of our day to day life be it cell phones or toys or even smart cards. Magnets are also used largely in the health care industry wherein hospitals use them for MRI scans which shows detailed information of the human body.


The Impact of Technology on the Transcription Industry

The Impact of Technology on the Transcription IndustryTechnology is always evolving, and has become so ingrained in our lives that we never stop and really notice how much easier life has become with it around. Technology has taken mundane and time-consuming chores that are required in everyday living and business and reduced them to simple tasks that a machine can easily handle.

However, the transcription industry is a large market and many medical professionals rely on human transcriptionists to convert their audio files to text. There’s been a lot of scrutiny over technical systems that have been developed to handle transcription work. Systems like speech recognition and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are being used, but are not completely flawless and still require a human to check through the results and compare them with the audio file. In fact, there are still a large percentage of lawyers and hospitals that outsource all their transcription tasks to a company that employs human transcribers.

Speech recognition has a large potential to really overtake any human transcriber, but the advances aren’t quite there yet. The technology has gotten so advanced that they can record every word a doctor speaks with ease, but there are still a lot of grammar and punctuation problems. Since the English language is so complex, the software has yet to get the proper commas, periods, and question marks down on record, and punctuation can really make all the difference in the tone of a dictation.

Most modern-day speech recognition software uses a statistical language model, which can be incredibility troublesome because it needs to access a huge database. Since the machine needs to refer to this database constantly, and as more and more language possibilities become available to it, this takes up a lot of processing time and can dramatically affect production levels and accuracy.

There will still be a need for a medical transcriber even if speech recognition is used in the majority of hospitals, at least for another decade. They will still need to listen to the audio and cross-check it with the machine’s punctuation and accuracy. We’re still not really sure if a lengthy editing session for machine-induced grammatical errors would be an advancement over just using a human transcriber in the first place.

The EMR system has increasingly been adopted throughout the US. In 2008, it was reported that 38.4{24dd5b97eb604df08618aafdc739153a2ef83e0a069346e40607192e69f3aad3} of office-based physicians were already using the system. Many doctors are taking to this method because it reduces paper usage and filing cabinet space. Hard disk space is very inexpensive nowadays and does not require any office space, so many personal doctors and hospitals are really cutting costs by going digital.

However, the main problem with this system, and probably the main reason why hospitals have not fully adopted it, is that there is no standardization for it. Many hospitals are also aware of patient security and the risks of having all their data on a digital system. Anything that is digital can be hacked and hospitals could be sued over leaked patient data, and many of them understandably do not want to take that risk.

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Benefits of Green Energy

Green energy is becoming progressively more popular day by day as it provides myriads of benefits. It is a sustainable, reliable and comprehensive source of energy that requires little or no maintenance and is beneficial in the long run. Using green energy is an extremely reliable way to save your monthly expenditures on electricity bills. It is a renewable form of energy that utilizes sunlight to produce electricity.

Solar energy is beneficial for our health as it neither pollutes the environment nor does it release any harmful substances into the air. In this article, I will discuss some of the most effective benefits of this renewable energy so you can easily understand the importance of this reliable alternative source.

1. Sustainable Energy

Solar energy is a sustainable form of energy. Solar photovoltaic cells use sunlight to generate electricity and continuously provide you with a sustainable source of energy for long-term daily usage.

2. Energy-Efficient

Solar energy panels are energy efficient and require little maintenance. Once the solar panel is installed, it generally doesn’t require any fuel or lubricant. Solar electric system offers maximum efficiency and has no recurring costs.

3. Environmentally-Friendly

Solar energy is a natural form of energy that does not contribute to global warming. Unlike fossils fuels solar panels don’t release any greenhouse gases, carcinogens, carbon dioxide or other poisonous gases in the atmosphere. The use of green energy for residential and commercial purposes can help reduce transport fuel which further reduces carbon emissions. In this way it can also reduce industrial and electrical pollution.

4. Healthy for Humans

The major advantage of using green energy is that it does not cause any adverse effects on human health. Since, it is environmentally-friendly and promotes a clean atmosphere for all of us therefore, risks of respiratory diseases, cardiac dangers and eyesight impairment are also reduced.

5. No Noise Pollution

Solar photovoltaic cells produce energy silently and do not make any noise. This is another positive effect of green energy which makes it a more reliable and cost-effective alternative source of electricity for homeowners.

6. Budget-Friendly

Solar panel installation is little bit expensive but once it is installed, it will generate inexhaustible amount of energy that will definitely save you money in the long run. In fact, it is the most reliable and easiest way to drastically decrease your monthly electricity expenditure. The solar energy system produces more energy than your daily usage; so you can also store it for future use.

7. Extremely Reliable

Reliability is the most significant benefit of green energy. There is no need to worry about replacing any part of a solar electric system as it has the ability to produce a huge amount of solar energy with little maintenance.

8. No Power Outage

Since, solar panels are self-efficient and can generate inexhaustible amount of energy therefore, there is no need to worry about power outage.

If truth be told, installing solar electric system is a viable option if you want to achieve maximum benefits of green energy. It saves you money and provides a considerable amount of solar power for your daily use.


Personal Security and The Technological Threats

The free market and globalization changed our lives for the better. These two innovations made our lives more convenient and comfortable but along with it, it has brought a number of threats to our personal safety and security as the internet has made our private information accessible to everyone blessed with technical knowhow. With the mounting threat of global terrorism, using innocent civilians as targets and medium to mount their plans, the government is spending huge amount of government funds in billions of dollars to maintain peace and order.

We see these in movies where private individuals whose lives were put into danger just because of a case of mistaken identity or just because somebody else is assuming anothers identity. Odessa Permian High School’s quiet and ordinary days were put under media eye in May 2010 as a basketball player, under the name of Jerry Joseph, does not really exist. Reports say that his true identity is Guerdwich Montimere, a 6 foot-5 Haitian-born, star player of the high school basketball varsity team. Due to the former acquaintances, his identity was revealed and confirmed through Google, a multinational web search engine, along with the trail of lies that he is living with. To date, he is the subject of identity check by the Immigration of the American government, and will be facing a number of charges such as possible deportation to Haiti.

Our bank and credit card accounts are not safe as it can be accessed easily by the so-called hackers, and bingo! You will be incurring fraudulent transactions and expenses totally alien to you, or worst, rob you of your savings. Plus, cleaning-up the mess takes ages and you will be one lucky if the bank does not charge you.

On the other hand, the mobile phones that we carry wherever we go, no matter how small it is, enables us to accomplish multi-tasking from and to all points of the earth. Additionally, it has become a security tool that makes us connected to civilization when our car breaks down in the middle of a forsaken nowhere. But little do we know that such miniscule of an object can threaten our security and privacy. Terrorists and kidnappers can easily abduct us for whatever purposes they have in mind as cell phones can be wire-tapped and locate our location.

As dangers to national and personal security come in various forms using several medium and dimension, the government, combined with the ingenuity of scientists in different fields of studies have continuously engineered equipment such as night vision devices used in surveillance and methods in fighting terrorism and curtailing terroristic plans.

But security agencies operating under license from the authorized licensing government entities, have continuously provided a steady stream of services ranging from consultancy to provision of security personnel to individuals who have potential threats to their lives and properties. You must comply with some of the federals licensing bodies with regards, for example, to the security equipment, training for personnel, firearms, security vehicle and among others, before being issued a permit to operate if you are contemplating on putting-up your own security or detective agency.