Different Types of Inventions

 The items invented for the cow boys

The cowboys have always been a symbol of heroism because of their hard working nature and bravery. Today most of the dramas, stories, movies describe them. One of the many reasons they are considered as a famous figure is due to the cool inventions they made for themselves. These cool inventions today have become so popular that it is used by the whole world as their daily accessories. Their inventions and patents are today amongst the top manufacturers and sellers of the world. The regular outfits today, like Jeans hats were amongst the cool inventions of cowboys which was also named after them. The famous Stetson hat was names after John Batterson Stetson who was born in New Jersey. He was the first person to manufacture famous ten gallon hats worn by the cowboys. Previous it was named as John B Hats. Later it acquired the name of Stetson hats. Like wise there are several other cool inventions like the Bowie knife and the famous colt revolver which are famous in cowboy movies. The knife, which was mainly used for hunting purpose was invented by a Texan adventurer and slave trader Colonel James Bowie. Controversy still exists between him and his older brother, Rezin Pleasant Bowie regarding the true inventor of the knife. The knife was colloquially called an Arkansas Toothpick and had a blade of 25-38cm long. It had a guard between the handle and the blade to protect the palm.

The anticipated modern inventions

There are many controversies regarding the inventions and the patents. The true information about the inventor of some greatest inventions still is lacking the specimens for the right authentication. One of such greatest inventors whose theories have anticipated many modern inventions is the Italian brilliance Leonardo da Vinci. He was a man with versatile character of a painter, anatomist, sculptor, and architect and also is hailed as one of the maximum creators. The fact is always to be noted that the inventions and patents truly do not reveal its inventors descriptions. Among his notebooks of theories he left many such formulas and description which have turned to be the most advanced machines today. Therefore the inventions and patents of these machines may create a different perspective but it can be said that they were anticipated by the theories of Leonardo da Vinci mentioned in undisclosed mirror writing, which in early days were never built. There are hundreds of such inventions which includes the most advanced and commonly used machine of modern society like air conditioner, ball bearings, alarm clock, chemical and biological warfare, clock with minute and hour hands, crane, diving suit and diving belt, double-hull ship, gears, magnetic compass, helicopter, mechanical musical instruments, mileometer, multi-barrelled machine gun, parachute, pedometer, water clock, spectacles, tank like armoured vehicle etc.

The inventions of strange items

Most of the inventions may have been of great uses to the mankind but few of them had peculiar usage. These were called the crazy inventions ideas. However there are some inventions which may not be though as crazy as other may think depending on its usage. For example one of such crazy inventions ideas was a spider ladder which may not be so crazy for the people hoc are scared of spiders. The invention was made by British inventor Edward Doughney. There are various such inventions and patents which had strange intentions, this patent however helped spider to climb and get out of bath. The other such crazy inventions ideas included a parachute fire escape. It was patented in 1879 by Benjamin B. Oppenheimer of Trenton, USA. It was a helmet which had an attached parachute and a pair of padded shoes. It was basically invented as a precautious arrangement against fire to wear it and jump out of the blazing building and land. This was a great idea to save the people from getting caught, but it had a disadvantage and that was the risk of breaking neck due to the jerk of opening parachute in the air. The other crazy invention ideas were spectacles for chicken, motorized ice cream cone etc.