Personal Security and The Technological Threats

The free market and globalization changed our lives for the better. These two innovations made our lives more convenient and comfortable but along with it, it has brought a number of threats to our personal safety and security as the internet has made our private information accessible to everyone blessed with technical knowhow. With the mounting threat of global terrorism, using innocent civilians as targets and medium to mount their plans, the government is spending huge amount of government funds in billions of dollars to maintain peace and order.

We see these in movies where private individuals whose lives were put into danger just because of a case of mistaken identity or just because somebody else is assuming anothers identity. Odessa Permian High School’s quiet and ordinary days were put under media eye in May 2010 as a basketball player, under the name of Jerry Joseph, does not really exist. Reports say that his true identity is Guerdwich Montimere, a 6 foot-5 Haitian-born, star player of the high school basketball varsity team. Due to the former acquaintances, his identity was revealed and confirmed through Google, a multinational web search engine, along with the trail of lies that he is living with. To date, he is the subject of identity check by the Immigration of the American government, and will be facing a number of charges such as possible deportation to Haiti.

Our bank and credit card accounts are not safe as it can be accessed easily by the so-called hackers, and bingo! You will be incurring fraudulent transactions and expenses totally alien to you, or worst, rob you of your savings. Plus, cleaning-up the mess takes ages and you will be one lucky if the bank does not charge you.

On the other hand, the mobile phones that we carry wherever we go, no matter how small it is, enables us to accomplish multi-tasking from and to all points of the earth. Additionally, it has become a security tool that makes us connected to civilization when our car breaks down in the middle of a forsaken nowhere. But little do we know that such miniscule of an object can threaten our security and privacy. Terrorists and kidnappers can easily abduct us for whatever purposes they have in mind as cell phones can be wire-tapped and locate our location.

As dangers to national and personal security come in various forms using several medium and dimension, the government, combined with the ingenuity of scientists in different fields of studies have continuously engineered equipment such as night vision devices used in surveillance and methods in fighting terrorism and curtailing terroristic plans.

But security agencies operating under license from the authorized licensing government entities, have continuously provided a steady stream of services ranging from consultancy to provision of security personnel to individuals who have potential threats to their lives and properties. You must comply with some of the federals licensing bodies with regards, for example, to the security equipment, training for personnel, firearms, security vehicle and among others, before being issued a permit to operate if you are contemplating on putting-up your own security or detective agency.