Zero Point Energy Generators

Almost all our current energy needs are met from fossil fuels. Coal and petroleum are the two most important fossil fuels. However they have several disadvantages. Not only do they emit green house gases and produce harmful by products, they are also finite in amount. As these have been used for centuries, they are now on the brink of exhaustion. That is the reason why your utility companies keep increasing the price of electricity.

Scientists and technologists have been searching for alternative forms of energy to replace the fossil fuels. Solar energy and wind energy have become the most popular of the alternative energy resources. However, there is another source of energy that is small but everlasting. This last characteristic is the reason behind the increasing interest in this source of energy. This is the zero point energy.

What is zero point energy?

According to the laws of physics, every mechanical system has some energy inherent in it at the ground state. Simply put, there exists some amount of background energy even in stable systems or in a vacuum. This energy is known as the zero point energy. This energy is small, but it will last for ever.

How can we extract this energy and use it for our needs? The energy inside the stable systems is converted into heat. This heat is stored in such mediums as coolant water. It is then redirected to generate electricity. Atomic energy is similar to the zero point energy.

Magnetic energy generators

The force of attraction inherent in a magnet is a type of zero point energy. Magnetic energy generators convert this force of magnetic attraction into electricity. The amount of electricity is not much, but it will last as long as the magnet does. The principal is that the energy input is less than the energy output. This seems too good to be true and many scientists are still skeptical about the claim. However, magnetic energy generators are being used for running small household appliances. Utilized properly, they may well fulfill all your energy needs. Industries have also began to experiment with the larger versions of magnetic energy generators.

How do magnetic energy generators operate?

Magnets have two poles: the North Pole and the South Pole. According to the laws of physics when the same poles of two different magnets are brought near each other, they repel each other. On the other hand the two opposite poles of two magnets will attract each other. As a result of these forces of attraction and repulsion the magnets physically move towards or away from each other. This force is inherent in the magnet and not dependant on any outside force. So this is a form of zero point energy. You can build a generator which utilizes this force of attraction and repulsion of two magnets to turn a rotor and generate electricity. The amount of electricity generated will depend on the size and power of the magnets. Bigger and more powerful the magnets, greater is the energy generated. This energy is in the form of direct current. It is then used by a system of controller and batteries.